The next great master of ceremonies

Inspiring entertainer just got a taste of the limelight and landed himself his biggest gig this past weekend at the Bayou Classic. Comedian Steven Brown selected Peter “P. Skillz” Dorsey to open for the Bayou Classic Greek Show Friday, Nov. 23 to represent the university. 

The show exposed the undergraduate master of ceremonies to a crowd of approximately 25,000 for the first time in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.  

Dorsey said during his cameo, he hyped up the crowd by sending a shout out to the different area codes of Louisiana and did his popular chant “All my ladies in the house.” 

Although the emcee was representing Grambling State University Friday night, his connection with the audience was still seen in Southern’s crowd according to Brown and students. 

 Casey Byrd, associate director of student activities of the Favrot Student Union Board said that in recent FSUB’s events, Steve Brown always requests to work with Dorsey. 

“P. Skillz keeps the students engaged at any event where he owns the mic,” said Byrd. “He is a pleasure to work with. Our next emcee has some hard shoes to fill.”

Brown says the 23-year-old “will be one of the great emcee.” After the Classic weekend Brown said, “He is the man at Grambling when it comes to hyping up the crowd, he is the man and he showed it at the Classic. He (Dorsey) ain’t Steve Brown yet, but he is working his way there.”

Hailing from St. Louis, and known around campus for always being “in the building” with a mic in his hand, Dorsey’s journey began during his sophomore year when he became a member of FSUB at GSU.  

“I was on the Lagniappe Committee and helped out for the Homecoming events,” said Dorsey. “I just always wanted to be involved.”

Dorsey’s known for always representing GSU wherever he goes and gives the university positive exposure when he picks up the mic

Junior Class President Jordan Harvey considers Dorsey’s presence on Grambling’s campus “distinguished.” Because of Dorsey’s prominence and the will to bring the “Tiger Spirit” out in students, the Student Government Association is planning to work with him during the spring semester after Welcome Back Week.

 “His love and dedication has made him a powerful figure on campus as well as drawn the attention of the SGA, which has planned a Shake Back Week,” Harvey said.  “He (Dorsey) as well as his partner and friend DJ Chase have brought a vibe to student life that cannot be matched and is reminding alumni of how the old days were when they attended school.” 

In the future he plans to continue working with Brown and picking up the limelight wherever he goes. 

 “It could be a baby shower, a basketball game or a party at Club Mixx, P. Skillz knows how to move the crowd and keep them involved and interested,” said criminal justice graduate student Charlie Cheize.