Sneak peek to the journey of courage


Ladies have you ever thought about how your life would be if you were pregnant in college? Here is a sneak peek to answer this very question.  

“The Journey of Courage” which is directed and produced by sophomore Kenya Williams is a documentary that goes through the pregnant life of sophomore hospitality major Gabrielle Davis.

From Favrot Student Union Board, Orchesis Dance Company, Black Dynasty Modeling Troupe, and Student Ambassador, Davis indeed was a very active student at Grambling State University.

The popular extra-curricular activities had to come to a halt and at this point the Kansas City, MO native had to start thinking about the life of another person as well as herself. 

“I sacrificed one of my first loves which was dance. Other extra-curricular activities that wouldn’t allow pregnant women to participate and also show my pride,” said Davis.  

At this stage this is where the nine month college pregnancy life began for her. 

“I was very nervous. I was afraid to be judged. I mean just afraid, but I knew I was going back to college, it was for my son and not for my feelings,”said Davis.

Females at GSU really admired the journey that Davis went through during her pregnancy.

“I admired how Gabby carried herself while she was pregnant, she dressed well and she always was involved in church. I’m very proud of her she really knew how to seek God,” said sophomore history major Arnitta Miller. 

When Davis first found out about her pregnancy she really had to reevaluate her life and to see what she was going to do. At first she was going to stay in Kansas City, but she felt that she needed to return and fulfill a duty.

Her purpose in returning to college was to show people that life is not over. There is beauty in giving life. 

“I am glad to have seen my best friend again and I believe many females will learn from Gabby’s experience,” stated sophomore criminal justice major Kiya Wheeler. 

On Nov. 1 Davis gave birth to a healthy baby boy at Northern Louisiana Medical center in Ruston, LA.

The “Journey of Courage” documentary is expected to be completed by the end of this month and it will begin airing on the Residential Life movie channel on channel 79. This would be the first full-length documentary film about a GSU student in a long time.

” I hope I will change the way on how the typical college pregnant woman is viewed,” stated Davis.