Photographer looks at world through different lens

Where do I begin? I’ve grown so much at Grambling State University. Entering as a freshman I always got advice from upperclassmen telling me to savor my time here in college and to get involved with as much as possible. Truth is you just don’t grasp that concept till you’re almost at your junior year.

Sophomore year is when I came to realize that choosing to go to college was one of the best decisions I would make in my life and that I had to make the most of it, I broke out with excitement. I got over my social shyness and dove right into college life…slowly. 

I came to college with my very best friends Abriyanna Hill, Chasity Gant, Jamila Tellis, LaTrayia Gaulden, ShaRondralyn Hill and Jessica Johnson. These girls played a huge party in my life, they know the ends and outs of me and always there when I need them. Eight years of friendship and counting. 

The nurturing that I received from my friends gave me the courage to do more. I’ll never forget seeing that Fall Rush flyer for the Beta Omega chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho. It was something different, something that the masses didn’t favor because they knew too little about, a true standout that drew me in like bees to honey.

After doing my research I knew this sorority was one that would fit me perfectly. My 13 sisters and I revamped the chapter and enlightened Grambling State University about what we stand for. To the pretty poodles of Beta Omega I salute you. EEE-Yip.

Photography is my heart! I am a very passionate, emotional, analytical person; and I believe that as a photographer these traits are a must. You simply have to care about the human aspects of life to create good art; they are the supreme inspirations to my work. If I had to pick one occupation to do for the rest of my life photography would be number one. I appreciate all my clients and employers for giving me a chance to capture their memories.

I cant mention photography without acknowledging those who inspired me and kept me on my toes to be great and be better. I’ll start with my photography teacher Mrs. Lee, she doesn’t play when it comes to photography. We got in many disagreements concerning my work, she judged my work hard but in the end it turned out to be at my benefit.

John Preston was the photo editor when I came to work wit The Gramblinite his popularity with the university inspired me to get on his level but at my own pace in my own way. His favored technique of working with natural light brought his images to life and many fell in love with this eye.

Nic’ ‘BEEM’ Williams was another photographer that inspired my work, we didn’t start off as the best of friends but he ended up being a great person to go to for photo advice, and also a great friend when I needed to vent. He is truly a brother from another mother.

To my Gramblinite family, I sincerely love each and every one of you. Ms. Peters gave me a great opportunity to be apart of this awesome staff and I’ll forever appreciate her. Mrs. Dunn is like a mother to me she keeps us all in line, nurtures us with her motherly advice and encourages us to keep on moving forward, a great woman.

My Editor-in-Chief Justin Madden hasn’t been apart of our staff long, but when responsibility knocked at his door he stepped up and took charge. He literally gets no sleep but excels in everything he does. He deserves way more credit than he receives.

The Gramblinite men are true hard workers. Kevin Keise is an excellent sports writer who delivers before he is even asked. Trent Brown is a beast with the Art and Style page his loyalty is commendable. Austin Richard is everyone’s favorite shopping buddy he consistently brings life into The Gramblinite. Last but not least my brother in photography Ciley Carrington we work side by side as photo editor he puts an artistic twist on photography that is likeable by many. 

To The Gramblinite Ladies we share a special bond we are around each other more than we even notice. We’ve had some great times together that will be engraved in my memory. Kimberly Monroe is the sister I’ve always wanted, although I have two blood sisters, she is one I can share anything with and not worry about being judged or exposed. According to the bible “A man that has friends must show himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother,” Proverbs 18:24. She has been a great friend to me as well as others. She practices what she preaches, says what she means and checks whom she needs to check candidly. I appreciate the honesty that she brings into my life. I’ll forever be grateful for our friendship. “Ehh Hmm….”

Lastly I’d like to thank my family and God because if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t have made it this far. God is awesome. I am sure there are things I left out and people I forgot to thank, but if you know me you know to charge it to my head and not my heart. Releasing the shutter on my undergrad years at GSU, ready to start my next photo story.


With love,

Katrina J. Harris

Photo editor