Miss Plus Couture says so long to Grambling State

Dear Grambling family,

Wow, I am really graduating from Grambling State University! I have anticipated this moment for years and I can honestly say everything was worth it. Often, my close friends, family and I reminisce about my first encounter with Grambling. I was a little apprehensive about staying because I was in an area I was not use to, but I am glad I did. Like many others, I have had many ups and downs from financial aid woes to having no water in my traditional dorm of Bowen Hall. But, like I said it was all worthwhile. I met some of the most beautiful people here and formed a family I will always love and cherish. Grambling State University will always be in my heart because black and gold runs deep in my veins. 

Once, I was told if you make it here, you can make it anywhere and honey, that is the truth. Grambling teaches you the importance of survival, the dependency of each other , and the ability to leave home and grow into your own person. Some of my greatest accomplishments were achieved here on this campus. The first was becoming a cheerleading coach to a group of young ladies who will become powerful leaders for this nation. They taught me the importance of perseverance, dedication, hard work and progress all over again. Thank you for allowing me to be your coach. My second greatest accomplishment was being crowned the FIRST, YES THE FIRST, Miss Plus Couture. I never thought I would be able to inspire anyone let alone encourage someone to be a better woman. My last and greatest accomplishment that I am most proud of was being apart of the Floyd L. Sandle Players and VAPA Family.

If anyone knows what milestones I have gone through, it would be them. From the head of my department, Dr. King D. Godwin to my advisor Mrs. Mary Crook and our costumer, Ms. Teshia Lincoln, you have all been in my corner on countless occasions and I am so grateful for that. I am so blessed to have known each and every unique personality that glues that department together, especially Mr. Nick Harrison. I can never thank you enough for seeing something in that freshman from your Public Speaking class back in Dunbar. I have made my own history here and I am so proud of it. 

With all of this being said, on December 14, 2012, do not hesitate to attend one of the most important moments of my life; and celebrate with me as I become a TRUE Gramblinite and walk across the stay. 

I do not want this to be a farewell because you will see me again at a number of football games next to the band with my ALUMNI shirt on yelling proudly as they play “Neck.” Consider this a ” I’ll see you later.”



Brittany Smith

Miss Plus Couture 2011-12