Living in the now and embracing today

Take a step back, and inhale the moment and exhale the past, realize that this very moment is the only one that is certain. Often times, we as humans go through life with the damages of yesterday. 

We find ourselves forced to live with psychological hang-ups due to our environments, defined by past events in which we cannot change. 

We are then expected to plan for a future in which we do not know exists, all while trying to manage the present, the current, “the now”. 

By the dissatisfaction of time spent and not enough left, we rush through the beauty of the moment. Most of us ignore the power of now. 

Too often we as people underestimate the power by not taking full advantage of the time we are in. By this, we do not allow ourselves to live life out freely. 

We imprison our own souls and cripple our own journey. Whether or not your life is based on spirituality or not, there will be a point when it will all end. 

By not knowing what time you have left, the promised moment you are in now should be enjoyed. Many may question what does living in the now even mean, and why is it so important? 

Living in the “now” simply means living out every full second and taking advantage of every opportunity in your life. Realizing that it is not time that is precious, but precious is what we do with time. 

We often penalize ourselves for past mistakes we wish could have changed, but we should not only learn from the past, but also learn to let it go. 

While some may be stuck in the past, others sit frozen in the moment by daydreaming about a tomorrow that is not guaranteed. True, the past may define some aspect to our lives, but it is this moment in which you are in now that creates the past worth looking back at. 

If every moment is enjoyed to its fullest, there will be no need to regret or constantly reminisce about the past. Meanwhile, daydreaming may set a foundation for, where you want to be, it is important to fulfill your every dream within every second. Why waste a guaranteed moment for one that may never arrive? If you live free today, there is no reason to neither to miss the past nor rush into the future. In order to reach life’s full potential, one must first take action in the moment they are in.

Every day brings another opportunity for happiness, laughter and joy. You can either stay stuck in what you can’t change, hope for what may never happen, or take full advantage of what you have control of, and what is certain, the now. Time is not on your side, but each breath you take is. Live fully; live with no regrets and live now. Every moment is the best simply because it will not happen again. Each moment is its very own, it is unique and special, and should be fully experienced. The best part of now is that it is happening… NOW!