Greeks step it out in New Orleans


One of the most anticipated events during the Bayou Classic Weekend, other than the game itself, is the Greek Stepshow and Battle of the Bands between Grambling State and Southern University. This year’s host for the event was comedian and #GramFam favorite Steve Brown who wasted no time opening the show with rib tickling jokes, one in particular to the Caucasian patrons, playing Miley Cyrus’s hit song “Party in the U.S.A.”

First to enter the stage were Southern’s Alpha Tau Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta whose theme was “Alpha Tau to the Finish Line”. The devastating ladies incorporated a race car theme into their performance, bearing NASCAR suits and red shiny boots. Stepping to precision and perfect timing, the Deltas proved why they should receive the grand prize of a $3,000 check. 

During the brief intermission, Brown poked fun at the Divine Nine organizations, which included mocking Kappa Alpha Psi as the “pretty boys”, who always are “prancing around.”

Representing one of the four organizations from Grambling was the Alpha Theta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha whose sketch was centralized around the movie “Major Payne”. Looking flawless, the pretty ladies wore green vintage uniforms with gold boots as all meticulously stepped to the same beat. 

Alpha Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha from Southern came out in baseball tees with a routine that consisted of scenes and characters from the TV show “Martin”. The Alphas executed their signature train formation that left numerous alumni and audience members proud of their organization.

Next up was the Epsilon Delta Chapter of Iota Phi Theta from Grambling. The Iota’s assimilated a Coming to America idea into their performance, togged up in berets and reenacting infamous scenes from the movie, including all-time favorite ‘Soul Glo’ and ‘She’s Your Queen’.

After the Iota’s, came the Beta Psi AKAs. The women of Alpha Kappa Alpha wore white laboratory coats and exhibited what happened to them after they had been exposed to harmful chemicals. Wearing fluorescent gloves that glowed in the dark and green boots, the ladies moved in sync and left the crowd cheering.

Entering the stage next was the Psi Beta chapter of Zeta Phi Beta, who were full of energy, sporting football jerseys, pads and cleats. The Zetas executed clear-cut moves, including one of the members falling into a split, which drew many cheers and applause from the audience.

Following the Zetas were the Alpha Sigma chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi. The smooth gentlemen all came out in 1920s attire with white hats, jackets, and of course their canes in hands. Using slow seductive moves as well as their signature shimmy, the Kappas left many ladies screaming and wanting to see more of their performance.

Last to enter to the stage was the infamous Delta Sigma chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha. If you weren’t paying attention to this performance, you definitely would have missed out. The Alpha men came out in dress shirts, slacks and Afros, moving to music the from The Jackson Five, then changed into black vests and left the hair pieces backstage. Wearing their infamous ape faces and stomping hard enough to leave cracks into the stage, the Delta Sigma men moved with swiftness all on one accord.

After a swift intermission, it was time to announce the winners of the Stepshow. Presenting the check to the victors was United State Marine Corps servicemen. First place for the sororities were the Deltas from Southern and clenching the win for the fraternities were the Alphas from Grambling.

“It felt fantastic to win. We had our eyes set from the time we became members of this fraternity, says senior Tyrone Nears. “This year we were more dedicated. Anytime we’re outside in 32 degree cold practicing for 3 hours shows how much we wanted it.”