Does your opinion matter?


People have opinions regardless the subject: politics, sports, music, or education but an opinion is not factual. It’s how one personally feels about a certain topic, person or maybe how they’re feeling at the moment. 

As I walk into classes at GSU all I hear is “she should wear this and why she wore it like that, her hair is fake but mines refuses that creamy crack, I wear tracks so does that make me non relatable to my African heritage?” 

All these questions are asked at an institution where education should be the primary focus.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions however, does that mean others are open to offer an ear. The continuous ranting and raving about everyday life, entertainment mainly, becomes meaningless as the years past. 

People are more or less concerned about expressing themselves in a fashion that makes them ‘unique’ but how unique is YOUR unique? Being unique has become common and makes one question whose to decipher ones uniqueness.This also is based upon the level of communication one may have.

The mind of a college student is tricky being that they have this generation has many different levels of thinking. Some may argue that a certain something stigma, character, or style is     brought, borrowed or copied but who’s to say who the originator is? The things that you obviously cant change like shopping locations and the type of listening ear people have, is something that is uncontrollable to someone with opposite taste. 

People have certain opinions about any topic that may come to mind but the head aches, arguments and venting does nothing but subconsciously make one feel superior over another or at ease with the fact that an argument can go in their favor.

Communication no matter which way you spell it out is something that most lack. Instead of arguing, our generation should take into consideration that although we get a lot of slack we are the most educated. We are being offered the best schools, technology, etc. We have the brain power to make remarkable things happen. 

You can learn something from your fellow classmates; maybe allow you to think of something in a different perspective. So keep shhh! And listen sometimes.