Is Miss Sophomore the next Miss Grambling?

Will she get elected next semester?

Who sneaked into 3 Docs Friday?

Wasn’t it free?

Does the band feel like losers because the football team is?

Are the players embarrassed to step out on the field now?

Will all be forgiven if the G-men beat southern?

Who knew Monday was Sigma Gamma Rho Founders day?

Who knew there was so many on campus?

$100K, where did it go?

Who really paid for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund?

How many FSUB and SGA banners did they buy?

Who took grad photos but not graduating?

What if GSU did merge with Southern?

Does hot chocolate and donuts count as midnight breakfast? 

How many criminal justice majors are criminals?

Who’s mad the Iotas run the yard?

Is it because their line hasn’t crossed?

Who has their Classic outfit??

Does the administration eat in the caf?

Have you saw them?

Is this a sign the food is hazardous?

$1,500 per student to serve slime?

Should we go back to growing our own food?

Back to the Colored Industrial and Agricultural School?

Does the caf recycle Cash Streets food?

Is Cash Street only for the “privileged?”

Will Diane Maroney-Grisby ever return?

Wait, isn’t she a teacher?

Is this an accreditation issue?

What would SACS do?

What would Bobby Jindal do?

Is GSU on Jindal’s Christmas list?

Why does GSU have 10 Vice President’s?

Could we use their salaries for a new library?



Disclaimer: 20 Questions is intended for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.  Those who can’t take a joke need not read!!!