Scholars inducted

The Earl Lester Cole Honors College had its 23rd induction ceremony on Monday, in which more than 50 students were inducted into the college. 

The Honors College is a special program at Grambling State University that was established in 1990 to enhance the development of scholars for service.  Its purpose is to assist academically talented students who are seeking greater focus and additional opportunities to broaden their experiences while earning a degree.  

At the ceremony there were different speakers who participated in the Honors College. One of the keynote speakers was Stosh Browne, a mass communication major who became president of the Earl Lester Cole Student Organization in October. As president Brown did not get to choose the inductees but pledged that he will get to know them all personally one day. 

“The induction was very important because every year members from the Honors College graduate, so it’s imperative that we induct new members to ensure the continuance of the Honors College,” said Browne. 

He said his duty as president is to ensure that projects are completed by the student organization.  

A committee, including Dr. Ellen D. Smiley, executive assistant to the president and director of the Earl Lester Cole Honors College, selected all of the inductees through an application process. To be eligible for the Honors College students must have a cumulative grade-point average of 3.5 or higher. 

“You are not here to major in the minor,” said Dr. Smiley during the ceremony.

Destiney G. Kinsey, a sophomore majoring in social work here at GSU said that being a part of the Honors College was a dream come true. 

“I was very excited when I found out I was being inducted into the honors college. I’ve always wanted to be a part of the Earl Lester Cole Honor College since I first became a student at Grambling,” said Kinsey.  She was inducted into the Earl Lester Cole Honor College because of her 3.5 GPA. With this opportunity she will become even more focused on her academic achievement. In the future, Kinsey said that she plans on graduating from Grambling with a master’s in social work and work for the veteran’s administration.

Another inductee was Florida J. Franklin, a sophomore majoring in criminal justice. Franklin found out about the honors college her freshman year. 

“It feels awesome to be inducted into the Earl Lester Cole College,” said Franklin. She was also excited about the different opportunities that the Earl Lester Cole Honors College could bring her, but understands it’s a privilege and must maintain her 3.9 GPA. 

“As a new member of the honors college, I will hold myself more accountable for maintaining above a 3.5 and I’ll hold a higher standard for my academic standing,” said Franklin.

Her plans are to graduate from the GSU with a bachelor’s in criminal justice and get her master’s in criminal justice at the University of Arkansas. She also plans to go to law school at Howard University to further her dream in becoming an entertainment lawyer and a Supreme Court Judge.