Rich Boi, Holli Withai, Astro Gang drop mixtapes


Rich Boi ‘Highlight Real’


Louisiana beat maker Rich Boi made quite a name for himself in 318 by producing and filming videos for the last two years. 

In August, he was hired as the Operation Manager at GSU’s radio station 91.5 KGRM. He’s currently training over 18 students in radio audio production.

Though he’s back and forth to and from Atlanta producing for Trill ENT’s newest rapper Lil Trill, Rich Boi is back at it with his first mixtape as a solo artist. 

Montgomery, M.A.T. & Devin, Mantrell, Da One, DEE Smuve & EK and K-MO contribute to the 22 track tape with production credits done by himself. 

Along with having the dirty south in his blends of beats, Rich Boi has become a favorite down south. Next week, he will announce his business venture deal.


Songs: “You a Hater,” “Private Room,” “The Latest” “Da boom”



Holli Withai  ‘Imuzik Vol.1′



Since claiming his spot in the Ruston as one of Louisiana’s upcoming MC’s, Holli Withai has been in grind mode, hitting up shows, gracing stages, dropping videos and even had time to drop his newest mixtape, Imusik Vol.1

Holli is steadily carving his niche in the industry with his in-house producer Jewel. Holli’s goal is to deliver the honest, storytelling lyricism as well as the heart-thumping bangers that keeps the club-hoppers crunk

Aside from being a full time student at GSU, the Ruston native is fulfilling his dreams through  music and family. 

I would advise that you turn the bass down on your stereo, because this tape will burn your speakers. 

This is a nice compilation that Louisiana fans been looking for quite some time. It consists of all of non traditional hit Louisiana Bounce beats from back in the day to the present. 

Songs: “Straight Bars,” “Solid,” “Pole Dance”


Astro Gang ‘N.W.A’

Born and raised in Jonesboro, Astro Gang companies small-town residents with big dreams of spreading their music around the world.   

Though past projects like We The Gang & Bang Bang have brought some regional success, Astro Gang is still hoping to make much bigger moves in the industry. 

On their latest mixtape, true music fans are sure to enjoy the lyricism by Dee Jackson, LeTre and Rocko. Their new-school vibe has breathed new life into the music coming out of the 318. 

This mixtape contains “jackin for beats,” as well as new songs that appeal to those who are already familiar with The Astro Gang camp. N.W.A. (N***az With Ambition) is simple packed with hard hitting beats that is definitely a tape to download, especially if you are into that Louisiana sound.

Songs: “Get Her Tho,” “No Lie,” “We the Gang”