Food Review

Ever since I set foot on the campus of Grambling State University two years ago, I have heard nothing but negative things about the infamous dining hall, also known as “the caf”. Since I was a transfer and was a former athlete, I had the opportunity to grub at several different cafeterias in the sunny state of California. So after hearing all this talk about the café, I asked myself, ‘Is it what everyone was saying?” 

Last week my opportunity came to eat at the café, and boy was I excited! I missed the days at the Commons, that’s what the cafeteria at California State University Bakersfield was called. Although it had its days where you did not know what the Commons’ were thinking, the workers were nice and would make up for the once-in-a while nasty food days. 

As I walked up the stairs and entered the caf, I had the biggest smile on my face. To my dismay the dishwasher was broken and everybody had to eat with plastic utensils and plates made out of styrofoam. This never happened in California, for how much the meal plan was, I wish they would try and pull this stunt! Then, not knowing what to do or which line to wait in, I followed my friends.  When it was my turn I asked the lady “How does this work? I have never been here before.” She didn’t answer or say “Hi how are you doing”, when it was my turn. My friend had to explain to me that I was only allowed to pick one entrée, which if you ask me was stupid.  When I went over to get my utensils, I noticed the station was very dirty, “When was the last time they cleaned this?” I thought. 

I then noticed every single worker in the café looked depressed and miserable. No one said “you’re welcome” when I said “please” or “thank you.” I was nice to them so why couldn’t they be nice to me? As I walked to a table to sit down I noticed a table full of computers that was halfway covered with a blanket. My friend told me the computers are there so students can say what they think about the food. But why were they turned off and covered? 

As I picked up my fork, I noticed it was dirty, and then I discovered a hair in my mashed potatoes! When I went back to the line where I received my food I showed the lady and told her about the hair protruding from my food. Her response was simply “all right”. All right?! Who says that? If I did that at my job I would get fired, the lady didn’t even tell a supervisor about my discovery. But wait it gets worse.

When I became thirsty and walked over to get my favorite drink, blue Powerade, I noticed my favorite food, pizza. They had two choices, cheese and I guess you can call it “supreme surprise” because it had only red and green bell pepper toppings. 

I have never seen a pizza like this before, but I wished it had black olives, mushrooms and some meat! After I grabbed two slices of cheese pizza and made my way to the drink station I noticed something nasty on the floor. I do not know what it was, but it looked like either mold or something that somebody forgot to mop off the floor a year ago. 

After I finally finishing my food I started feeling weird and uncomfortable. I rubbed my stomach and didn’t even want to get a second plate, and my stomach started hurting. 

Yes, everybody, I was yet another victim of the “caf sickness.” Never again will I eat at the caf, which is why I didn’t dare take a bite out of their donuts at the Midnight Breakfast. 

The cookie did not crumble the right way during my visit and I would never recommend eating at the caf. If you were about to die of starvation, I would take you to Cash Street in two seconds. 

Let it also be known that Louisiana Tech University’s cafeteria is also run by ARAMARK and I have eaten there as well. The food there is 10 times better with more variety. 

Students do not have to worry about the pasta line being closed, and they have quality customer service.