Emotions infused through vibrant colors

Up the steps, through the double doors, a quick right and through the glass door is the short journey one would have to take to the Dunbar Hall art gallery, which is currently showing the artwork of Mia Symone Murry

Over a dozen of Murry’s paintings, entitled, “Seasons of Me” cover the gray walls of the academic building for her senior exhibition. 

Senior exhibition is a required capstone course within The Department of Visual and Performing Arts and allows students to showcase their work within their medium of practice. 

Murry uses oil based paints, with most her work being landscapes, in which she abstracts the use of color. 

She says she was always talented and art has always been an intricate instrument within her upbringing. 

“Being an artist is just something that came natural to me, art has always been a part of my life,” said Murry, a senior art education major. “Painting isn’t difficult at all it comes second nature, the creativity aspect and finding a way to illustrate what I’m feeling through the use of color is probably the most difficult but the technique of painting is the easiest.”

With her artwork taking several hours at a time, the Carson, Calif. native says that not only does talent helps her paint, but also the emotional aspect. 

“Most of my pieces only took a couple of hours to fully complete. I just have to be in the right mindset and go to work. I paint whenever I feel the need to express myself or when I have emotions that I need to get out,” said Murry

While talent and emotions are the forefront of her painting ability, Murry, also contributes the efforts of others in helping her master her craft. 

“The ups and downs of life is what inspires my art. I believe I was born with the gift to paint, but the different people and instructors that have inspired, encouraged, and taught me over the years are the reason why I’m where I’m at with my artwork,” said Murry

Even though her professional future is unsure, she hopes that she can continue her art through teaching others as an art professor. 

Murry’s exhibit is scheduled to close Nov. 20, and offers viewers the chance to purchase the oil-based artwork.  

She added that she hopes when people view her exhibit that they can get a glimpse into who she is as a person and connect with the art pieces.