Domestic Abuse on Grambling’s campus


There are women on GSU’s campus who have been mentally and physically abused by the ones they thought they could trust. I, Ebony T. Myers, am one of them. 

I fell deeply in love with a guy who presents himself in a respectable way, and who seems like everyone’s ‘dream’ guy. He blends in with the students, yet stands out because he is different from most guys.

In the beginning everything was great. We loved being around each other, and helping each other out. I was in love because I never found someone who I thought understood everything about me. We talked about each other to our friends and family, I thought I found the ‘one’. Then about two months into the relationship he showed that he has an anger problem. At first I was shocked because what he was getting mad about was so minor. I ignored it because he promised that he would never intentionally hurt me, and will always love me no matter what.

Then as months went on his temper showed more frequently. We would get into arguments outside of freshmen village or inside my dorm. He would mentally abuse me and belittle me to the fact that I needed him around because he was the first and only guy I in whom I talked to seriously while in college. People told me that I should get away because he is dangerous, but I naively ignored it.

I held my head up every day and acted like nothing was wrong. I had to hold myself together because so many people look up to me, and showing my constant pain would have just been too much for me at the time. I always told myself, yes he talked down on me, but he have never laid a hand on me even though he threatened to do so a couple of times.

Sunday, he put his hands on me. He first threatened to mess my life up if anything gets out, then he twisted my arm and choked me. While he was doing it, I was in shock because my thought was ‘is this really happening?’ He then came to my room with a pathetic look on his face trying to apologize for his behavior, but deep down inside I only think he did because it was outside, people did see him, and that he wants this whole incident to be swept under the rug; he has no remorse.

 I never could have phantom this ever happening because I want to believe the love that we had was real, but at this point it cannot be overlooked. There are many women at this university that have been victims of an abusive relationship, whether mentally or physically, who have not had the courage to stand up. 

This article is for everyone that has ever been in that predicament because it is not right. 

I will be taking action legally, and I WILL NOT be quiet about this matter because things need to change. We are beautiful, strong, intelligent women who deserve to be treated better. The people who know me closely know my situation and know who the person I’m speaking about. 

Nothing will get resolved unless we speak out. If you are currently in an abusive relationship there are people like myself who can help you get out. No man should ever lay their hands on a female no matter what the situation is. Please spread my story because this is my testimony, and I will no longer stand alone hurting under this circumstance. 



Ebony Myers is a sophomore mass communication major from Shreveport.