Critiquing the Caf cuisines

New to the HBCU scene and a bit excited about the cafeteria food. When I got to Grambling, my expectations was slightly reached once I realized I shouldn’t compare the Caf to bigger campuses. 

At the beginning of the semester, the food was delicious, probably because at the time everybody was eating in the Express and the competition for hungry bodies was on. 

Slowly Tiger Bucks began to diminish and more people began to eat in the Caf, making the lines longer. Now that all the food stations are being fully used, choosing food is like picking a doctor, the wrong one might just have you going home with regrets. 

When I asked multiple students about how they feel about the Caf I saw a love-hate relationship. They will say that the food is horrible, but are the first ones in the burger and fries line, plate-in-hand ready. 

Now with me, compared to my cooking or my mother’s, I have to dumb down my taste buds and with that I can sometimes stomach the food that looks nasty with a nice amount of salt and pepper. Now don’t get me wrong the pizza is almost always on point

With two cups of soda and napkins over your first plate to preserve your table, the Caf is the place not to be unless you are really hungry and you have no more Tiger Bucks.



Malcolm Brown is a freshman mass communication major from Miami.