I commonly hear people gripe about the opposite gender. I hear males complain about how females conduct themselves. I hear females complain about how males don’t believe in chivalry. These statements cause me to ask, “have your standards lowered as a result of this?” 

What I mean by this question  is, ladies, do you not make it a requirement for males to do simple things like open doors for you, respect you in your day to day conversations and wait to experience your affection? Males, do you not make it a requirement for females to carry themselves in a respectful manner? 

If you allow any of these things to continue then you may be a partial reason for why it seems each gender. I once heard that “you get what you accept” and I can’t help but agree with that fully. 

It’s up to both genders to make the opposite gender date at a level to where there is no room for complaints. You wouldn’t put your hand in a fire and expect not to get burned would you? Then what’s different about relationships? Don’t allow someone to do you a certain way then complain about it. Ladies, don’t be so quick to give a young man sex and then wonder why he loses interest in you. Give him something to look forward to as ya’ll get to know each other. Young men, don’t be so quick to give a young lady a title and then wonder why she doesn’t take pride in it. Make her earn the title.

I take pride in making sure the ladies I pursue are treating me in a manner I can deal with in the long term and respecting themselves in a manner that won’t leave me feeling hesitant about bringing them around my family. The reason being is because I know I can’t do anything but expect what I accept. So the next time you feel or catch yourself complaining about the opposite gender and the lack of quality in the way they conduct themselves, remember that you get what you accept. 



C. Lawrence Richard is a senior mass communication major from Houston.