‘Cheatin’ delivers big laughs


Grambling State University theater department, proudly presented Cheatin’ by Del Shores Tuesday night. Cheatin’ was directed by Nicholas Harrison, an instructor in the theatre department. 

Although this was Harrison’s first well-made production, it certainly did not show. Cheatin’ is a comedy about infidelity and gossip. This play included three different couples going through their own problems. 

The play included some remarkable actors whom many have not been in a comedy, like Brandon D. McKnight. This was McKnight’s first comedy and he did quite well. Also this was Tiana Shuntae Alexander’s first comedy as well.

One scene that stood out is when Teddy Joe (played by McKnight) and Sara Lee (played by Alexander) decided to get back at their cheating spouses. 

The scene stood out because it felt as if they were consummating their decision. This play had plenty of great scenes, however, the ones who came out enjoyed the production.  

Although it was opening night of Cheatin’, the actors did not seem nervous. Putting asside  from the minor technical difficulties and a couple of stumbles, the production was quite entertaining and very funny, filling the theatre with laughter. According to the students who went to go support their fellow Gramblinites, they enjoyed the performance. 

Amber Williams said the show was “awesome” and she personally felt the performances from McKnight and Alexander were outstanding. 

Another student who attended, Ka’darius Gray, also enjoyed the show, even though in his opinion the show had its ups and downs. 

“The actors were so good that they had me in tears of laughter,” said Gray after the show.