‘A cut above the rest’

What better way to start a fashion show then to start fashionably late?  

Thursday in the Black and Gold Room, which was that was packed to capacity, the Black Dynasty modeling troupe hosted their big fashion show that was scheduled for 7 p.m., but it didn’t kick off until about 25 minutes later. 

Hosted by Flex and Nina Michea of Q95.5, the Black Dynasty models certainly put on a show that, was sexy, bossy, and stunning.

“I really enjoyed the show,” said Josh Allmon, junior marketing major from St. Louis. “I really liked the fact that the models wardrobe matched the theme of the show.”

This show had many themes, beginning with the Sin City Black on Black theme that was inspired by Kanye West’s “Mercy” video. The models ripped the runway dressed in all black with a mean thuggish mug on their face that was sort of scary in a sexy way. 

As the models made their way down the isle, with music from Rihanna’s “Rockstar 101″ and Kanye West’s “Mercy” played in the background. 

The second scene expressed a theme of sexy seduction with the beautiful female models rocking erotic lingerie. This time down the isle the models sashayed, to another Rihanna hit,  “Cockiness.”

Right before scene three, when the men strutted in their big boss attire, some with cigars in their mouths, Dominic Shaw, a member of the audience was motivated by host Nina Micha to personally rip the runway and his brief performance stunted the crowed. 

When asked why doesn’t he model since he amused the audience he responded with “I don’t have a male walk.” Shaw is a theatre major from Los Angeles. 

The fourth and last scene had a theme of Ancient Egyptian. The models sported revealing Egyptian toga’s most of the men wore no shoes while Kanye West “Beautiful Death” played in the background.