One year later and still standing strong

You will feel like you’re in heaven at heavenly hair. It has been over year since the “Heavenly Hair” beauty shop has opened their doors to the students and community of Grambling.

Officially opened Sept 6, 2011, shop owner Priscilla Butler says the first year of business has been rewarding. 

“Our business has been really good and I am pleased to see the success so far, the best days usually be on the weekends starting from Thursday through Sunday,” said Butler.

Heavenly Hair is a beauty shop that has a variety of hairstyles that the company specializes in and provides service for both males and females. 

“We specialize in everything you can think of from natural hair, the latest trends that are out there, fashion, and healthy hair styling,” said Stephanie Brown, a beauty shop beautician.

 “We also specialize in male hair such as braiding, twisting, and dreading,” she said.

Heavenly Hair is a company that wants to reach out to the students and the community of Grambling. They want to be a shop that is convenient for the students meaning walking distance instead of trying to find a way to the next town.

Brown has been involved with the Grambling community for over a decade, and she and Butler felt that this place is the best opportunity for the start of a great business. 

“I have been in Grambling for the past 16 years and we believe this was a great business opportunity. There are students who are in need of a close hair shop so we decided to open right in the heart of Grambling,” said Brown.

The shop has also attempted to meet the needs and demands of students, with hair prices ranging from $15 and up. 

Butler says opening the shop was a dream come true, because she always wanted to open her own business.

“God helped me to open this beauty shop, I dedicate it to God every week by giving 10 percent to my church of what the shop earned that week,” said Butler.

Heavenly Hair is located on 313 Main Street of the village.