NABA sponsors development seminar

The National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)  held a Development Seminar Tuesday, Oct. 2. The seminar addressed issues such as ethics, integrity, professionalism and how to become a certified public accountant.

Terence Bradford Sr., MBA, CPA and a professor at Grambling State University, is a certified accountant in Louisiana and Texas. Bradford talked to a crowd of over 50 students.  He addressed  such topics as what it takes to be ethical, the importance of integrity in accounting and in one’s personal life, and the need to be professional at all time. 

As aspiring accountants, members of the NABA thought it was important for someone in the profession to speak, motivate and reinforce the need to develop ethical skills, integrity and professionalism while in school so there will be a smooth transition into the workforce.  

Bradford spoke of life experiences that helped shape his ethical standards and integrity, which made the seminar interesting. The session was interactive, Bradford spoke about ethical dilemmas, and he solicited responses from students as to how they would approach the ethical dilemmas.

He told the students to do the right things, even when no one is watching and everyone around them do not uphold good moral principles.

The NABA’s main focus of the seminar was to give the students a view of the experiences of what it takes to be an accountant.