Miss Cover Girl host week

Grambling State University’s Miss Cover Girl and Calendar Girls flooded the campus and community last week to lend a helping hand. In an initiative geared towards the betterment of females, the week kicked off Monday, Oct. 22 with a Bowling Game Night in the Student Union Bowling Alley. 

“I knew that I wanted my reign to be memorable,” said Ambra Brice, the 2012-2013 Miss Covergirl

“As Miss. Covergirl and with the help of my lovely Calendar Girls I wanted to not only implement my platform, but also inspire younger ladies and motivate them to get involve.” A “Sister to Sister” talk followed Tuesday night in Douglas Hall with the ladies from the freshman class. The event turned out to be much more intimate than expected, as the GSU beauties shared their personal college experiences with each other. 

“Taking that small amount of time with them may help them avoid mistakes we once made as freshman,” said Brice.  On Wednesday, we headed to Grambling Hall for a “Successful Stilettos” seminar. This seminar gave the ladies the opportunity to think of components that would allow them to define success with their on terms. Here, attendees used the majority of the seminar to make “Dream Boards.” These boards will remind them of the things they want to achieve to be successful. Ending the week on Thursday the ladies hosted a clothing drive on the yard. The clothes that were collected will be donated to the Domestic Abuse Resistance Team (D.A.R.T) in Ruston.  

They also participated in the Fall Festival at the Boys and Girls club, where they hosted a bingo table giving away Grambling apparel as prizes to the children that won.  Brice and the 12 month representatives declared their fall initiative as a success and plans to do more community outreach, but they it was meant to be much more meaningful.  

“Overall this week was a success. I wanted to let the girls see positive role models to encourage them to get involved,” said Brice.