Adding fuel to the fire

Shocked and devastated would be a few words to describe the emotions of people when they heard about the burning of Sharmeka Moffitt, a woman from Winnsboro who apparently was set on fire. She was said to have been attacked because she was wearing an Obama shirt. 

The call to 911 came in Oct. 21 at around 8:00 p.m. and local authorities arrived on the scene around 45 minutes later. Apparently the woman was doused in flammable liquids and set on fire. Racial slurs, were also found on the victims car. 

While she doesn’t know the race of her attackers, she said they were dressed in white, hooded T-shirts and rumors say they were members of the Klu Klux Klan. 

The Student Government Association had arranged a bus to take Grambling students to Winnsboro to attend a candlelight for Moffitt

That trip was cancelled in light of some evidence, that had surface. “It was said that some of the victim’s story was fabricated; therefore, the vigil was said to have been cancelled but it ended up happening regardless,” said SGA College Senator of Professional Studies Erina Love when I asked her why the SGA cancelled the trip to Winnsboro

A few days after this happened, evidence surfaced and police are now saying that Moffitt set herself on fire and wrote the racial slurs on her own car. Reports show that her fingerprints were found on a cigarette lighter and lighter fluid found near the crime scene. Also, the writings on her car had traces of female DNA. Authorities say that Moffitt will most likely face charges.

Personally, I do not think that Sharmeka Moffitt set herself on fire. I do not see why a person would set themselves on fire. 

While reading about this “hoax” Moffitt is accused of, I asked myself a few questions. 

1.Could DNA/ evidence really be processed so quickly? 

2. How could she have admitted to this if she’s in critical condition? (Did she ever admit it at all?)

3. What motive could she possibly have had for setting herself on fire? 

To me it is just a cover up by the local government, only adding fuel to the fire.


Arione Dorris is a senior mass communication major from Oakland California.