Ready or not, here comes Capo Young

Up and coming rapper Capo Young, Las Vegas native, says that place doesn’t matter to him much. Capo Young was born Dec. 29, 1990 in Hill Side Las Vegas.  He started his music career by writing poetry, because it was the only way he could truly express himself.  

When he met a known producer in Shreveport, called G Money, Capo began to take his music a little more seriously. He spent two years in Shreveport and worked on his music with G money. When Capo moved back to Las Vegas, he kept his music going while he was younger.  At first, he was known to Vegas as Young Tay, but he changed his name to Capo Young and his career soon took off. Capo would make songs and post them on YouTube.  Despite his patience, Internet hits such as “Daddy’s Home,” “Randsom Freestyle,” and “Slow Down,” grabbed the attention of record label A&R’s.

 I remember staying in Vegas during the time he was coming up.  He was young and humble and stayed focused on what he truly wanted in the long run, to be known for the music. The Vegas MC carries himself not only as a rapper, but as a man in general. Capo says the main reason he wanted to be a rapper was because of his dad and uncle. 

“Both used to rap when I was growing up and I just loved the way they flowed.  Their sway was just smooth and laid back and that just made me want to be a rapper even more,” says the 5’6 MC. He said that since the age of nine , he knew he was going to be a rapper and nothing or anybody would keep him from living out his dreams. 

Since his initial buzz was around West Coast, he has worked with rappers such as, Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q, Little Flip, T-Pain.  Capo said working with them helped him to get his head straight and to keep his clique, Black Posy humble, staying true to what they stand for. 

For more information on Young Capo or to join the Black Posy movement go to his website or follow him on Twitter @CapoYoung