Queens Speak


The psychological hang up in the mind set of Black people, has caused not only a few years but yet centuries of division between various Black ethnic groups. Psychological, pertains to the mental state of mind while the hang up is introduced on the distorted image many Black people have of themselves. 

Throughout history, and the disfigured image of Africa today, many Afro-Caribbean and African Americans find pleasure in disconnecting themselves with Africa, justifying their disconnection because of their European influences. African Americans may argue their “blackness” is different to other black groups, due to historical events, such as slavery, and the civil rights movement.  

Africans may argue that Africa is far more complex, and slavery affects a small percentage and not the whole continent. While Afro-Caribbean Blacks, find themselves more defined by European influences, such as France, Britain and even Spain. 

All concluding a psychological hang up, a group of people unable to identify with one another, due to what is taught in school, media and even social groups. In educational institutes, children are first taught about slavery, and the struggle of African American groups in America. This creates a negative image of their heritage and background. Caribbean students in various islands are taught that there is purity in the French language, causing a disconnection to the native language Creole that is a mixture between BROKEN French and native African Languages. 

Due to societies negative images of other black countries, each find comfort in saying they are not like the other group. The low success rate of Black countries because the lack of unity. Before one can go further in life, one must first identify where they come from. 

The Caribbean and Northern America was first inhabited by Native American people. The Atlantic slave trade displaced over 20 million African slaves’ worldwide causing Black people to live in different areas of the world. Different slave ships, is what separated Black people, not blood line.

“When Europeans conquered the Caribbean and imported Africans torn away from the continent, the oppressors gave names, religion and language to their slaves”, said Minister Farrakhan. If one wants to state they are more different in their African culture than the next, reevaluate your culture. Festivals, foods, and even in some parts of speech, the African culture is prominent in the Caribbean and even America. 

Different tribes in Africa is what created the different islands in the Caribbean today and even the different complexions we see in the all Black cultures. For history separated Black people, but ignorance kept us divided. 

For the blackness that is represented and proudly appreciated by President Barrack Hussein who’s father came from a Luo from Nyang’oma Kogelo Kenya AFRICA. The black race in total, represent many skin tomes and languages, but if we continue the mind set, that one place is better than the next, we will all continue to suffer.



Lenore Jean-Baptiste is a senior mass communication major from Las Vegas.