Art of the week


“Mostly Skyz” is a collection of photographs taken mainly around the campus of Grambling State University.  

The theme of Terrence C. William’s II exhibition focuses on unique ability to observe or dismiss our surroundings. The meaning  behind these vistas began in Riverside County California, where Williams lived until he was nine. 

At an early age, Williams found his imagination creating dramatic productions in his mind, but finding out his grandparents were GSU Professors propelled his talents for Art.

“My grandparents taught me a lot of things growing up and them being GSU professors wasn’t bad either,” laughs Williams. The Moreno Valley native received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sequential Art from Savannah School of Art and Design in 2001. 

William’s Grandfather is Dr. William McIntosh, a former Dean of Liberal Arts and his Grandmother, Dr. Lucy McIntosh, retired department head and faculty in the Department of Sociology. 

In 2010, he moved to Grambling from Southern California, where he’s currently employed as a Lab/Studio Equipment Supervisor in Department of Visual & Performing Arts. Last Spring, he began his photographic documentation of skies.  Looking out of a window as a passenger in life is something Williams has done all his life.  He remembers his days in Oceanside waking up inside clouds of fog that would swallow the city until noon burns them away. Walking around reflecting on his art in Dunbar Hall, Williams portrays the sky as a mirror to our own lives. In fact, he says nature of weather is not exclusive to one state.

“Carefree clouds hang without a fear of capture, containment, or restrictions. Clouds don’t see borderlines on the ground.”