Return of UA: Don’t call it a comeback


Underground music is about passion. A true underground artist will create music from the heart, as opposed to something tailored to a commercial market. 

“Don’t call it a comeback” was the famous words LL Cool J spit over one of his famous songs, “Mama Said Knock You Out.” For hip hop group UA, rejuvenating their music career has helped them gain maturity in the music business. After a brief hiatus, UA is ready to persuade America. 

UA, formerly known as Under Age, was founded in 2003 by group member Blaze. “Under Age is what started us and instead of changing our group name when we got older, we just kept it as UA in order to keep the connection with the fan base we already had,” says Blaze.

When the group began in 2003, their core fan base ranged from ages 11 to 16. UA received their initial buzz from their local performances in Shreveport and Bossier City. However, it was during the star-studded event “Super Safe Sunday” when they gained a larger buzz in the local area. During their high school years, UA gained a buzz in Plano, Texas, where they resided. 

“We’ve opened up for major artists such Lil Webbie, Lil Boosie, Ciara, Ginuwine and although we are young men we have a lot of experience in this business,” says Blaze.

After a four-year hiatus, they are finally back with a new sound that caters to the ambitious youth of our society. Their music is the soundtrack to lives of young people everywhere who are trying to advance in life. 

Generally speaking, UA is a hip-hop group that has a lot of melodious attributes in their sound. 

UA’s subject matter is based on experiences that all young adults encounter, whether its clubbing, fighting to achieve goals, or even dealing with love and loss. People should listen to UA because they combine substantive subject matter with quality music. 

Their main goal is to become major artists in the music industry, not only to be successful but to also inspire and create a positive legacy in the world.

Their two singles yet to be released are titled “Slow It Down” and “I’m On It.” The first is a slow jam catered to the ladies who know their self-worth, and it acknowledges our willingness to have patience as we pursue that quality woman. Their second single, “I’m On It,” is an anthem that caters to any- and everybody who’s on their grind trying to become successful. 

Current single “Say Yes” is available on iTunes and Their new E.P., The Return of UA, will be available soon. 

Other group members include D-Money and Lil Dip. Follow UA on twitter @ OfficialUA