Kitten court crowns queens

It was a dream in white Wednesday night as Breyonna Lynette Morgan of Farmerville was presented to family, friends and classmates and crowned as Miss Grambling High School 2012-2013.

Even though the event started late it was still an event to remember, as the floor began to fill with beautifully gowned young ladies and their equally resplendent escorts who wore white or black tuxedos. 

The GSU Men’s Gymnasium was decorated with white tulle, blue and silver accents, and lighted Christmas trees to pay homage to the coronation theme, Winter Wonderland. 

Each year the coronation not only crowns the queen of Grambling High School but also recognizes levels K-12, Alma J. Brown Elementary and Grambling Middle schools. 

The coronation began with the crowning of the Duke and Duchess, Mr. and Miss Alma J. Brown. 

As the show went on, they moved to the crowning of Prince and Princesses, Mr. and Miss Grambling Middle School and the Royal Dynasty.

“I’m always nervous,” said Tiaron Ford, who was crowned Miss Grambling Middle School. She was escorted by Mr. Grambling Middle Jacobe Boston. 

The mistress of ceremonies presented the royal arrival, and the organizational queens and escorts. 

As each queen and escort proceeded down the aisle, they paused and bowed to each other. Each escort presented flowers to their queen as a token of appreciation. 

Before the class queens were presented came first runner up for Miss GHS, senior Reagan Higgins, who was presented in a silver ball gown with ruffled layers of silver accents. 

After the class maids came out in strapless green dresses, class queens made their entrance in canary yellow gowns. The first arrival was Miss Freshman Raegan Nation, followed by Miss Sophomore Psnefra Wills, Miss Junior Paris Greene and Miss Senior Earlexsia Dayne

“It is my hope that this year brings joy to Miss Grambling High,” said Kenneth Williams, a GSU graduate student from Houston, who served as coordinator of the coronation.  “It was a joy working with her.”

Williams thanked Brittney Smith, Miss Plus Couture, for also assisting with the coronation.

This was Williams’ second time coordinating the high school coronation. His experience was gained through assisting with Grambling State University coronations. 

Also in attendance was the former queen who was presented as a queen of yesterday, Miss Grambling High School 2011-2012 Virlitra Necole Hill. 

The new Miss GHS made her entrance in a beautiful white one-shoulder gown adorned with gathered tulle roses. Senior Keshyra Shaine serenaded the crowd with “I Look to You” by the late Whitney Houston. 

Morgan was later joined on stage by Grambling High’s SGA President Adarain Williams, and the school’s principal and assistant principal, Sandra Boston and Jerald Kennedy, respectively. 

After the crowning of the high school’s queen, Miss GSU 2012-2013 Geralka Jackson and GSU SGA President Jonathan Allen gathered on stage and joined Morgan in a royal toast as she accepted her duties as queen. 

“It was absolutely beautiful,” Jackson said. “She was stunning and looked radiant at being crowned.

“I’m sure she will be a wonderful representation for Grambling High School,” Miss GSU said.

After the acceptance, the queens and escorts and royal court graced the floor with the royal waltz, the singing of the high school alma mater followed.