Alumni concert to benefit GHS


The Grambling Laboratory School Gymnasium will host Tigerland music legends this weekend. Those in attendance will be Soul Pride, Leech and the Gang, and POLO. All will gather for the concert Saturday to benefit the school. 

Among the artists in attendance will be drummer Samuel Osborne, who has played with American Idol‘s Randy Jackson and Cameo’s Charlie Singleton; James DuMaine Jr., a keyboardist who has played alongside Charlie Wilson and the Gap Band; GSU’s own Leroy Hawthorne Jr., Music Department professor, who was one of Erykah Badu’s teachers when she attended Grambling.

The effort came from the vision of James Flournoy, who said the benefit concert is a way to “give back.” He believes everyone should attempt to do that.

“President Obama said we should find a way to give back, so this is our way of doing that,” Flournoy said. 

Each concert is given in honor of people who the artists believe are worthy of recognition for their contributions and impact made in the Grambling community.  

This year’s honorees include Thelma Williams, Ray Earl Bratton, Queen Lawhorne and Aleane Hayes. Alumni are asked to send an on-line note of gratitude to the honorees by going to the GHS website 

The group Leech and the Gang, who Flournoy credits the name as coming from Kool and The Gang, a popular band, also formed POLO, led by bassist Clayton Doggett, who played in both groups.  

Flournoy said the proceeds from previous concerts have aided in reroofing the gymnasium and providing computers for the lab.  

This year, Bank of America has agreed to match the revenue raised from the concert. 

The focus of the funds this year are for new band uniforms and football equipment for the Kittens. 

Tickets are $10. Doors will open at 8 p.m. and the bands will rock the stage at 9 p.m. 

Regrettably, Flournoy says this will be the last concert. However, Saturday’s performance will be recorded live by the GSU TV Center, and DVDs will be available for purchase online.  

Flournoy invites all to “come out and have a good time,” while contributing to a worthwhile cause.