Runner makes most of time at Grambling

What was your fastest completion of the 5-mile run this year? 

I think it was like 38:18 in Natchitoches at Northwestern State University.


What is the difference between cross country and track? 

In cross country you only have to run five miles, it’s only one event, but in track it depends on the event. Also, in cross country you don’t run on a track, depending on the location, you can run on either a golf course or on a trail through the woods.

When did you begin running cross country?

I began when I came to Grambling in 2010. It was mandatory for every athlete that runs over 400 miles to participate in cross country as well by the coaches.

When do you get your inspiration from?

My father and from watching the USA Team run in the Olympics. Running in the Olympics is always on my mind.


What was your most memorable moment at Grambling on cross country team?

When we won SWAC in cross country my sophomore year (2011), we lost my freshman year by a few points. After losing, everyone worked hard and became better, stronger athletes. 


What do you like to do other than run?

I like to play basketball and travel.


What do you hope to accomplish this year?

I hope to win SWAC and make it to the NCAA nationals.


What are the chances of Grambling winning SWAC again this year?

We have high chances, we have a lot of freshmen that are eager to win. They know our history, and winning SWAC this year will keep them hungry for more.


Why did you choose to come to Grambling?

Coming out of high school, I had a lot of offer for basketball but they were all schools in-state, so I crossed basketball out. I talked to coach Robinson and Levell, they were really interested in me coming to Grambling. They showed me a family bond before they even met me in person.


Do you have any scholarships?

Yes,  it’s about a 70 percent track scholarship.


Do you have any advice to tell freshmen about becoming a great runner? 

Stay humble and stay motivated.You can’t look what other people do, you just have keep running hard and come to practice everyday, and stay on top of  your school work.