Starbucks to be remodeled


As one walks into Grambling State University’s student Tiger Express they will walk into an area with a selection of food establishments such as Burger King, Panda Express and Topio’s, but as you walk past Starbucks  where lights are off and doors are closed.

Contrary to belief Starbucks retail store located in the Student Union is not being replaced with Taco Bell, Frozen Yogurt and other speculations the student body has come up with but it’s merely being remodeled.

ARAMARK Food and Services Director for Grambling State University, Karen Ashford, has cleared the rumors of Starbucks being shut down permanently.

Ashford states that although the retail store of Starbucks is closed for remodeling, students can still buy beverages at the other food establishment Topio’s which serves Italian food. 

“Some of the blended beverages and some hot beverages can be purchased at Topio’s as of now,” said Ashford.

Although there is not a specified finishing date for the reopening of Starbucks. Ashford states, “The temporary closing of Starbucks is slight negative at the moment.”

While in the process of bettering the university’s Student Union, ARAMARK is planning to conduct a survey specifically for the Student Union’s food choices in talks to be put together before the end of the semester.

“We haven’t narrowed down any choices, but we want students to know their funds are being put to good use as we’re looking to bring brands that are popular and appealing to students,” said Ashford.

“I think that the Student Union should include a vegetarian place to eat, because the selection doesn’t satisfy,” said Jasmine Holloway.