Fresh campus initiative at GSU


Fresh Campus has come to Grambling State University to bring about change and clean breathing air for students and everyone else who works on or visits campus. 

Fresh Campus is a student-led campaign established to help empower college students to bring about social change by focusing efforts on 100 percent tobacco-free campus policies. 

Through education and awareness, Fresh Campus seeks to establish a policy that prohibits tobacco use on the GSU campus. The movement is also committed to ensuring a healthier environment for all.

On Wednesday, the Fresh Campus student leaders met with the Student Government Association Senate and made a presentation on Fresh Campus to show the benefits of this movement. 

 “I am overly excited about the process we are making and will make,” said SGA President and Fresh Campus Student Representative Jonathan Allen. “I agree with Grambling State University being 100 percent tobacco-free. Fresh Campus is a breathe of fresh air.”

The new movement is sure to shake things up on Grambling’s campus by changing what is considered to be the norm for many students and faculty members. 

President Frank G. Pogue is standing behind the initiative and Fresh Campus will   address the Faculty Senate by the end of the month.  Grambling’s faculty members are the school leaders and their support for Fresh Campus will be instrumental in helping the policy go smoother.

If students are interested in becoming a part of the Fresh Campus movement, they can volunteer by signing up at the Office of Student Judicial Affairs. “

If you do not join by signing up, at least tell your fellow peers what we are doing and how you support it,” Allen said. “Word-of-mouth is the best way to show your support and spread the word about what we are doing.”

Students and faculty can also get involved in the movement by participating in the 37th Great American Smoke Out on Nov. 15 and by encouraging smokers to use the date to make a plan to quit. They can also participate in the Kick Butts Day initiative. It will be a day for activism that will allow youth in every state and around the country to stand up, speak up and seize control against big tobacco.