There’s a rude awakening on campus


Grambling State University is home to another dance crew.Rude Awakening Dance Crew, was established in the spring of 2012 and has since cast the negative experience of being stopped by campus police for attempting a flash mob in the cafeteria. The dance crew is now looking ahead. 

“I think we are growing,” said Brenton Douglas. “During the summer members practiced intensely and the evidence is present in their individual routines.”

Since the establishment of the group last semester, they have performed at various campus events such as, Class Vs Class, a dance competition in the cafeteria, and other presentations on the yard. However, according to Douglas, the group’s style is referred to as ‘different.’  

“I think people think that we are different,” said Douglas. “Sometimes we feel misunderstood since our dance styles are unfamiliar to majority of the students at GSU.  We do a lot of robotics, popping and locking and krumping.”

Recently the dance team suffered a major disappointment when they auditioned for the upcoming Homecoming Talent Show and failed to make the performers lineup for the event.  Douglas said that he was displeased with the judges’ decision and called for the committee members and judges to have an open-mind about new talent when picking performers for the talent show. 

“I think the judges will have to open their eyes and welcome varying style of performers…Why must we have the same type of performances year after year?” the dancer asked.  He emphasized that their presentation was refined, creative and well delivered.

As for the future, the group has ‘big’ plans:  “I would love to see the crew on America’s Best Dance Crew…It’s going to take discipline, but we have our own challenges like any other crews, but we also have our strengths and I know that we are capable,” Douglas said.

The group, which was the idea of member, Donathan Howard, rehearses two to three times a week.  “It’s difficult having a crew in college, because you have to balance, classes and other extra-curricular activities,” said Douglas.  Other members of the group include:  Ian Burse, Sivram Jackson, Raje’ Iglehart, James Turner, Te’sia Thomas, and Wynsdai Williams.  

The group can be contacted via email at  The group has also captured their presentation on video, which can be viewed at or