AKAs commemorate week


The Alpha Theta Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority hosted AKA Week from Sept. 17-21 in the Favrot Student Union.

Each day featured an event, starting with the College 101 Seminar on Monday. Other events were Tuesday’s Bowling Night, the P&G Ball on Wednesday, and Thursday was Game Night. AKA Week ended Friday with the AKApollo Talent Show.

The College 101 Seminar was about making the transition from high school to college. Many Alpha Theta members, including President Marquel Broussard, Candace Westbrook and Robyn Cole spoke to the students. 

Miss GSU Geralka “Gerri” Jackson also spoke to students. 

The event was geared to freshmen but turned out to be more of an upperclassman crowd. The seminar was primarily about time management, scholarships, and getting involved. Chapter members also emphasized the importance of having connections to aid in college and beyond.

“It is always good for networking,” Broussard said. “It can get you a step closer for getting a job quickly.” 

Miss GSU also had advice about what to do and how to become successful in college.

“You have to get involved with different organizations and you can possibly receive scholarships for school,” Jackson said. 

Broussard spoke about a program she is involved with called Adopt a Little Sister/Little Brother. She said the program “was established to help new students to register and also to help get them settled on campus.”  

Most students thought the information given during the seminar was helpful. 

“I gained a lot of advice,” said sophomore sports medicine major Destiny Nathaniel. “I found out from the event that there is in fact a lot of help on this campus. You just have to go out there and get it.”  

The Alpha Theta chapter wanted to hold this seminar to talk to the students and to help make their college experience a positive one.  

Next came Bowling Night, which had a big turnout. It was a social event to get the community involved and to bring some fun to the week.

“This event is a stress reliever,” said Alpha Theta member Westbrook, “and we are giving the students something to do on a Tuesday night.”  

The crowd took advantage of the opportunity to socialize. 

“I had a lot of fun bowling and meeting new people,” said senior biology major Nykia Griffin. 

Wednesday night was the P&G All White Affair, which was held in the Black and Gold Room. GSU’s own DJ Twinz kept the crowd entertained by playing a mix of old school and new school jams.

The event turned out to be a success for the chapter.

“The ball was a trial event,” said Alpha Theta member Cole. “We didn’t have it last year, but I was pleased with the turnout.” 

Thursday night was Game Night for the students. It was an event to bring fun, bonding, and relaxation to the students. “Taboo” seemed to be the most popular game played.

“My favorite game at game night was Taboo,” said Shanta Robinson, a sophomore nursing major. “It was very fun and it was a good break from all the studying I had to do.” 

To bring AKA Week to a close, the Alpha Theta Chapter held the AKApollo Talent Show in T.H. Harris Auditorium with Mr. AKA Dalfred Jones serving as master of ceremonies. 

The event started with a poem by Travis Madison, and it was mixed in with the song “Someone Like You” by Adele.  

Jhustyn Williams of Sacramento, Calif., moved the audience with his poem “Beautiful Flower.”

The crowd was highly excited and entertained by Marcus Smith’s rap called “The café rap.” Students were able to relate to the lyrics, which is probably what made the rap more enjoyable and entertaining.  

Smith was the winner of the talent show and received $100.

“My boy Marcus did a great job with his performance I was able to relate to everything he said in the rap,” said sophomore engineering major Walter Jones.

Alpha Theta Chapter members believed the week was an overall success and are eagerly anticipating next year. 

“A lot of people came out this year compared to last year,” said Alpha Theta member LaDonna Williams. “We hope to have an even better turnout next year.”