Create imagination


Its 9 a.m. on a Tuesday, I walked in the sketch room of Dunbar Hall, I noticed black chucks on her feet, red flannel shirt and short shorts. I said to myself that she looks like an artist straight out of Venice Beach.

Her name is Krystle Ray and she is from Carson, CA, which happens to be my hometown. Sketching tool in hand, her assignment this morning is to sketch an old fitness bike that looked like it was from the 60s

“I don’t mind sketching physical objects, but I love to do self portraits. When it comes to sketch designing, I like to do Aztec, African and cultural designed because I’m a cultural person,” said Ray, who is a junior art major. She decided last year that art was her passion and  switched her major from nursing to art. 

“I like helping people but when it came to that environment, it didn’t stick with me. My mom wanted me to be a nurse but art is my passion and I can still make money doing what I love,” she said. 

Storytelling through sketching was a recurring theme that came up throughout the interview. As a person who spends most of my time being an artist, I feel that having a multitude of storytelling tools at your fingertips is the creative way artists express themselves. 

“My artwork tells stories and milestones that I have came across during my life so far. People should check out my artwork to get a better understanding of me. I promise they will smile,”says Ray.  Since the Carson native decided to pursue art full time, she gets help from great mentors within the art department. 

“Mrs. Slaughter welcomed me with open arms. She’s retiring this year so it saddens me. We talk everyday. I’m going to miss her,” Ray said.  

Drawing is a means for capturing thoughts, exploring ideas, and then sharing those ideas. After countless drawings and years of experience, Ray has already laid out her career plan.

“After I get my bachelors in art, I’m getting my teachers degree because I want to be an art professor. I take shots and let my mind go,” she said. 

Nothing more nothing less. Sketching an idea changes from a fleeting thought into a tangible possibility. Sticking it up on the wall makes it come to life.

Art is everywhere. The way you feel, the way you see things and your surroundings.