Student Union gets makeover


During the #GramFam Union Takeover this past Tuesday, SGA provided a personal tour of the Student Union, revealed the new Tiger Den and in appreciation of the student body, Jonathan Allen supplied each student a discount card. 

Previous SGA President Channing Gaulden was the first to initiate the idea of the Tiger Den and bringing the Student Union back to life. He brought in new furniture and a plasma television for students. 

Now current president, Allen has committed to finish what Gaulden first started. The den now features Grambling and SGA regalia from Ruston’s Rapid Signs, also within the Union. 

“I am very excited for what Jonathan Allen has planned for the Tiger Den because I feel that it has added a level of connectivity among the student leaders and students,” said Senior Class President Donald Murray.

According to Murray, he feels more connected with the students now. 

In order for students to feel connected and welcomed, Allen wanted the den to include a painted mural for students to see when they first walk in. 

“We wanted to create a place of tranquility where commuter students to come and really make this the Union again.”

According to Johnson, his fraternity brother Taylor “TK” Kennedy, told Allen about his talent in art. Johnson roughly spent over 80 hours to complete the mural and SGA paid him $300 for his work. The two sided Tiger Den mural is vibrant with bright colors well put together.  One of the sides is of a relaxed tiger reading a copy of The Gramblinite wearing Johnson’s favorite pair of Jordans. 

When freshman, Devontae Washington saw the mural he said how he has never seen art like this on campus before.

“This is something new and unique; I can see myself coming here and relax after class.”

SGA has roughly spent around $500 for the Tiger Den, not including the mural.  In addition, Wing Dini, a local mobile wing establishment in Grambling, sponsored and provided food for the #GramFam Union Takeover. 

“Rapid Signs has donated about $700 for the Student Union,” said Allen 

This however is just the tip of the ‘new’ Tiger Den, in three weeks computers and new furniture will be added and more reinventions. SGA also plans to provide tutor sessions for students and host the President’s Debate on Oct 3.