Ruston star is lyrically unleashed


From dropping the Y,  to the Face of GramFam’s Groovie Fly Guy, Rayonti (Holliwithai) Wright came across campus as a big surprise. Attending Grambling as a mass communication major with a concentration in broadcasting he’s no stranger to voicing with thought. 

Born and raised in Ruston, he dedicated his life to feeding the community with his groovy city slick lyrics, not just for entertainment but to deliver a message in his music. For those who don’t know, who is Holliwithai? Where did the name stem from? “I’m just me. Popular demand got me Hollywood but it’s so common, I decided to drop the ‘y’. Now it’s plain old Holliwithai, that’s all.”


Tell us what you’re working on right now. 

Right now I have Pelican Fli my label and I teamed up with my dude Tunny Maja Flinn and The Schoolbalachi Management. Just trying to get it pumping. It’s a movement. I call myself The Face of GramFam. A lot of people know me and I’m just trying to use that as my launching path.


Who were some of your major influences coming up?

Well, No. 1 is my boy Pelican R.I.P. He taught me how to do exactly what I do. Other than that right now I’m a fan of Wayne, T.I., Wiz, J. Cole, and Big K.R.I.T., the list goes on.


What artist in the game do you compare yourself to if any

When it comes me doing music I try not to categorize myself with any of today’s artist. People on the other hand categorize my lyric ability to Lil Wayne and Nas, but if I had to speak I would say T.I. because we’re both on the same path as far as getting in trouble, learning from it and still sticking to what we do. I Respect His Hustle.


What sets you apart from other artist?

I don’t really try to follow the trend. I make music. I try not to make the club jump but I can. I try not to make music where you have to get punched down but I’m just trying to deliver a message.

Tell us about the mixtape and is there any new music in the works?

Hot Music Vol.1, hosted by my dude DJ Danny T out in Germany now, it had 3300 downloads on Dat Piff. I’m currently working on My Quiet Is Kept that’s going to be my mixtape album so to speak. The lead Track entitled Pray is already recorded and done. I’m shooting the video.

Are there any features?

 Right now my single has my boy Ricky T on the hook. Shout out Richie Rich (GramFam) for presenting the track to. We just trying to get that song spinning in rotation, we’ll see how it turns out.

What impact does your music have on the community?

I believe it has a huge impact, mainly on older people. It’s been said that they see them in me. I make people my age want to do things they were scared to do and say what they feel they couldn’t. I speak for the thinkers.The industry’s missing people that do what they do and not just what’s preferred. You never know what people my like if you step outside your element but, it’s all about what you like and being comfortable with what you do. If you’re comfortable it don’t matter what others say or feel.

What’s your view on “Swagg” Do you feel it has a major impact on the music and the industry?

Honestly I wouldn’t know. I mean I don’t have Swagg, I have a groove. That all I could say on that.

 What advice would you give artist just starting?

Keep grinding. Use hate as fuel to the fire. Use your experiences as your music, whatever you’re doing on a daily basis use that. There’s somebody in the world going through the same situation(s). It’s gonna get ruff, don’t give up.

Any closing statements you would like to leave us with S/O what have you?S/O everybody who love me and who hate me, who wanna see me make it S/o to all of yall man. Fli High. Feel lifes intentions. Whatever you do, if you feel like you’re doing it I consider you Fly.  You should feel the same.