Refund season brings changes

     At times we’re all young and broke, or we are not as daring or as glamorous, as we claim to be. Someone was once our provider and care-giver and everything that we had was because of them. 

     This came with strict rules and supervision for reasons unforeseen , but I think today looking back on it we all know why.  

     We have all been sent on errands and were repeatedly told, “Bring me ALL my change back,” and random thoughts of mischievous activity didn’t enter our heads until that statement occurred. 

    This is when we began to realize there was more to change than what we were being told. 

    It’s the season for refunds and for about a month, the student body will change drastically once again.                  What we all fail to realize is that it’s not just MONEY.

We must reevaluate ourselves, because we believe that it is just a disposable asset that has no greater value than for what we use it for at that moment.

    Money is the difference between living your life and just being alive, being happy and sad and sometimes being safe and in grave danger. 

              This thing we call “just money”, has changed people’s lives greatly, some for the better and some for the worst, but without it in place neither would have occurred.  If we see something nice in the store and it’s $34.95 and we have $40.00 to our name, we try to convince ourselves that it’s just MEANT for us to have it and it’s JUST $34.95.

     We can worry about everything else later. This is where the problem occurs because it’s NOT JUST MONEY.

    Computers, books and sometimes a vehicle would be deemed necessary to make your travels to and from class more convenient. 80 inch televisions, $5,000.00 handbags, and countless refund parties aren’t included on our school supply list. Note, that there is no fine print stating that we have to spend our refunds educational advancement instruments. 

      It’s just suggested so that when the time comes to possibly pay the loans which contributed to the refunds, you could see and understand what the money went towards and be proud of your purchases.

    In the KJV of the bible it states,  “For the love of money is the root of all evil.” Although in actuality money is only as powerful as you we make it. 

     We let money control our happiness, our attitudes and most of all our futures when our determination and faith should control it all. 

     Don’t get me wrong we must have money to operate in the world today, but we shouldn’t let the world today control how we operate. Just realize, at the end of the day it’s just money. 



Fredrick Bass is a senior a psychology major from Monroe