Natural hair advice

Recycled trends are nothing new to those who like to stay up to date with the latest fashions. One fashionable trend that continues to amaze participants and observers is natural hair. 

  Natural hair was popularized in the 1960s during the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements. This trend enforced a new standard of beauty that represented a stronger sense of self-love and pride. 

Natural hair represents the same characteristics as in the 1960s as well as a healthier hair care solution. Although, the natural hair trend has been around for decades there are still many questions that come up when it comes to the maintenance of it. 

    I went natural two years ago and despite my hair struggles, it was well worth it. 

The first important factor when caring for your hair is to have a hair regimen. A great regimen to keep your hair moisturized is to spray your clean hair with water, next put your favorite kind of hair oil on top to lock the water’s hydration in your hair.Then put your favorite leave in conditioner or moisturizer on top of your hair and style as you choose.

Another important factor to remember when caring for hair is protective styling and protective hair methods.  Protective styling is important because it protects your hair’s ends, which is usually the weakest and most brittle part of your hair. Protective styling is great and it lets you experiment with different styles.  

Anything from your hair in-buns, to braids, to hair weaves or wigs.  Protective hair methods are simply combing your hair from the ends to the roots, tying your hair up at night or sleeping on a satin or silk pillow to avoid unnecessary breakage.

Final factor to remember when caring for your hair is confidence. 

On average hair grows six inches each year, so just enjoy your hair at each phase. Having natural hair is a  bold and beautiful statement , so all you have to do is rocket and bring  your individuality to the forefront. 



 Brittney H. Bickham  is a senior mass communication major from New Orleans.