Mandatory meeting for non-registered students


As the deadline for registration at Grambling State University comes to a close on Friday, unregistered students were asked to attend a meeting in the T.H. Harris Auditorium on Wednesday at 4 p.m.

 With about 100 students still left without a fee sheet, the Office of Financial Aid officials are doing everything to ensure that students get registered. 

Director of financial aid Dr. Albert Tezeno met with students in an effort to expedite the process before Friday. According to Tezeno, out of the reported 100 students  only  about 30 students showed up at the meeting. 

One after another students ushered in line to wait and receive an update on their progress. 

The registration deadline is extended every year to accommodate students who have had extenuating circumstances with issues involving balances from the previous semesters, waiting on the decisions of out of state fee waivers and family finances. 

Junior mass communications major, Leon Norville from Antigua was one of the students who had not yet been approved for his fee waiver, waiting to find out the decision from executive associate Vice President for International Affairs and Programs Mahmoud Lamadanie

Norville was not the only international student waiting, along with six others present some of which who were waiting for government assistance. The international students who have not been registered, all have varying reasons for the inability to get registered. With accrued balances from the previous semester additional debt is not covered by scholarships, forcing students to accept the max out loans with high interest rates or the signing of promissory notes. 

Annie Moss, director of Admissions and Recruitment was also present to answer questions about admissions and fee waivers. 

She stated that around 600 waivers are issued each school year, with waivers ranging from involvement with service organizations on campus such as cheerleading and choir to ambassadors for the university involved in recruiting.  

Final numbers of registered students will be released once Friday’s deadline has passed.