Lyrical Quest

Dimmed lights, flickering candles and soothing incense was the atmosphere set for Lyrical Quest’s first show. The performing arts group, used as an outlet of expression for talents such as singing, poetry and rhymes held their first show of the fall 2012 semester Wednesday night. Lyrical Quest kicked off the show focused only on the talents of Quest members along with newly added singers, and poets. 

The audiences’ hearts and minds were open to listen and absorb everything they expressed that evening. Veteran Quest members opened with their usual theme song but this time with a twist. As the melodies rang out line by line, new members walked out of the audience up to the front to join their new family in chorus. Marcus “The Artist” Smith came first with his rhymes, Anshare Antione next with her angelic vocals and Kelly Thibodeaux last with her lyrics. 

The show continued with their tradition of poem of the week. The poem of the week is a prominent poem that Quest members choose to grasp the audience attention. The poem Affirmation written by former Black Panther Assata Shakur,  was recited by Hasani Banks. He educated the audience with history of her life, noting that this Black Panther member moved to Cuba in 1977 and never returned to the United States. 

The mood changed after Marcus the artist came to give an artistic expression through his rhymes. His delivery stuck with the crowd and had all eyes on him all the way until the end and the room exploded with applause. After a few more poems, it was time for a vocal selection by St. Lucia native Antione. Her strong voice soothed the crowd with her rendition of “How Am I Suppose To Live Without You” by Michael Bolton. Artists Jhstyn Williams, Deron James, John Barris and Kimberly Monroe wowed the crowd with poems and songs.

Lyrical Quest first show was well received by new audience members and returning listeners. Ashanti Spears, freshman native of Topeka, Kansas expresses, “Lyrical Quest was amazing, much more than I expected, couldn’t imagine anything better.” Not only did members make a great impression on new members but they also satisfied the ears of returning thirsty listeners. ” The show was great, it was very positive to the black community, more people should attend,” said Walter Jones, a sophomore engineering major from Vidalia, La. 

Lyrical Quest host and President Deron James explained to audience members that Quest shows from there after would be open mic, meaning that attendees will have the opportunity to express themselves at their weekly shows, all they have to do is sign up. Lyrical Quest is held Thursday nights at 7:00 p.m. weekly in Jacob T. Stewart.