Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor, 


I  am currently starting my graduate studies in sports administration here at Gram. I came to GSU in 2007. The crime at Grambling was the same as it is today. 

I do agree with the article about “petty crimes” must stop at Grambling. I agree that it can be frustrating that knuckleheads can ruin good times by fighting, stealing and other disregards of the law. 

Actually, I think it was worse in 2007! HOWEVER, I do not agree with how the content was presented.

     I felt the reader took a “condescending approach” on how students at Grambling St. (black people) SHOULD behave because our counterparts (white people at universities) do not engage in these kinds of behavior. False. The truth is, ALL people are prone to bad behavior. 

ALL universities (including white universities) are prone to crime and violence. In fact, where the most crime resides ARE in WHITE UNIVERSITIES! In 2012, TheDailyBeast.com released a list of top 25 college/universities with the highest crime rates. 

Of those 25, three were Ivy League schools and the top five were predominately white institutes. 

     Currently, LSU holds the title for highest crime rate for universities in Louisiana and the rate continues to rise. LSU is a predominately white institute. 

My cousin (black woman) who attended the University of California at Berkeley (predominately White and Asian institute) was robbed by a White man wanting her purse and laptop. 

As a race, we get wrapped up in the stereotypical judgement among each other while not recognizing that Whites, Asians from Hispanics are NOT exempt from this behavior. 

     We are all human and are prone to this kind of behavior regardless of skin color. It’s how human nature operates. 

We have the “good” AND the “bad.” YES, we have petty crime. YES, it’s annoying but every college has petty crime. 

No one is prone. 

No university is perfect. You can deal with it, or you can leave and deal with the same issues at another university.

    When it comes down to it, White or Black, we (as individuals) have to deal with unacceptable behaviors throughout our lives from ALL walks of life. Thanks. 


P.S.. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to voice my opinion about situations here at Grambling. Great job and keep up the good work staff!



Devin Brown

Sports administration graduate student