Gramfam hosts fair

Campus was buzzing with excitement Tuesday afternoon during the Organization Fair sponsored by Favrot Student Union Board and Student Government Association.  The temperature was high, and so was the bass coming from GoDjTwins on the 1’s and 2’s.  Students came out to the Organization Fair and Calendar Girl signing in hopes of seeing what Grambling State University had to offer.  

Sororities, fraternities, clubs and performance groups displayed what their organizations were all about; from stepping to modeling students were on parade.  The line was literally out the door as students gathered to have their calendars autographed by the pageant winners.  

When asked what was the motivation behind the fair, Favrot Student Union Board President, Kyndra Todd said, “This fair is another way for students to understand that we not only want them to get an education, but also network with people who can possibly help them after graduation.”  

Based on the responses from different students, the Organization Fair was a success.  

Among those in attendance were freshmen Recinda Brumfield and Keundrea Self who expressed interest in Favrot Student Union Board and the sorority experience.  

Brumfield admitted that if there had been a little more shade and better advertising that more students would have participated.  

Another freshman, Cordez White of Ruston said the music captured his attention, but seeing the fraternities in action and the “beautiful ladies” from the Calendar Pageant sustained it.   

A transfer student from Xavier University, Courtney Conston-Chism, said that she benefited from the fair because it allowed visibility and offered information about the various organizations and what they represent.  Courtney said that Xavier University did not provide and opportunity such as a fair for organizations to showcase what they are about.  Ski Bailey, President of The Society of Distinguished Black Women bubbled with excitement as she invited students to “see what DBW has in store for the community as well as the student body”.  Bailey went on to say, “Corporate worship will be the first activity that she and her beloved sisters participate in because God is at the forefront of our organization”.  Deron James, founding member of Lyrical Quest, explained that it was important for incoming students to be exposed to and familiarize themselves with a group that promotes self-expression through the outlet of performance art.

Student Government Association in conjunction with the Department of Residential Life and Favrot Student Union Board provided planners for all undergraduate students complete with dates to remember throughout the 2012-2013 academic year.  Casey Byrd, Associate Director of Student Activities and advisor to the Favrot Student Union Board, encouraged students to get involved and was pleased with the inquisitive nature of students interested in the different organizations.  Byrd noted the Vitamin Water concert on September 10, Coronation, and Spirit Week as upcoming events for students to anticipate.  

Whether it was the beats, the beauties, or the booths students endured the blistering sun to get a sample of what the organizations here at Grambling State University had to present.  From Black Dynasty modeling troupe to Biology Club, Favrot Student Union Board, or the NAACP there is an extracurricular activity available for each and every student to become involved in something in addition to academics.