Editor’s Note

During my mass media writing and editing class, the topic of discussion was significant milestones.  One student said September 2, 1969 was a significant milestone because it was the day the internet was created.  Another student said April 3, 1973 when Martin Cooper made the first cell phone call. 

Me, I’m a sports guy. When I thought significant milestones, the day of Sept. 1 came to mind, Grambling’s season opener in the Port City Classic. In my eyes, this game is nothing special. For the last two years, Independence Stadium has been the home of a financial football match up between Grambling and Alcorn in hopes of bringing attraction the city of Shreveport. Although the Tigers battled the Braves nine times in the last decade, they decided to give the game a title.  

The Sept.1, Port City Classic game was actually important; it was an actual significant milestone in the history of SWAC football. It marked the first time a white head coach entered the SWAC and to top it off, Jay Hopson won his first game knocking off the reigning SWAC champs in a come from behind victory. 

“Coach Hopson didn’t beat Grambling, Alcorn beat Grambling,” said Tigers head coach Doug Williams.

As a black sports fan, I am aware of all the accolades and milestones that African-Americans are credited for. On April 15, 1974 Jackie Robinson became the first black to sign a major league deal and everybody knows on January 31, 1998 Doug Williams became the first black quarterback to win a Super Bowl. Everybody knows on November 4, 2008 Barack Obama was elected as the first black president. 

Every time we as African-Americans do something great, or break a race barrier it is always brought to light. Now that a Hopson, a white guy broke the race barrier in the SWAC people are seemingly ignoring his accomplishment. Why not acknowledge the white guy?




Sports editor Kevin Keise is a mass communication major from Houston.