Undiscovered talent

“In today’s youth looking out for self seems to be how everyone responds when asked who do you plan to bring along with you on your journey,” said Devon Sonnier. “But when I make it by helping the community and providing for my family is at the top of my list.”

“Twenty, thirty even forty years in age, no one is too young or too old to become an entrepreneur,” says Devon Sonnier.

Starting a clothing line called “Fatt Stax,” Devin Sonnier (CEO), and Terrance Milton thought of a way to be creative and make money. 

At the ages of 19, 25 and  23, funding the clothing line with their personal accounts motivates the men to make Fatt Stax

When asked the origin of the idea and inspiration behind the name, Sonnier explained, “All Devin talks about is money, as long as he’s making money he’s content.”

“We were going to name it Fat Money Bag or Big Paper; anything dealing with money and we all were sitting around and decided on Fatt Stax, explained Sonnier

Having big dreams and following them is the motto the 3 men live by, with hopes of expanding to Houston and Atlanta by next year 

Sonnier is pushing the men to expand to his own university, GSU.

In their hometown of New Orleans, the clothing line Fatt Stax currently has crew neck graphic tees and snap backs in Traffic Boutique and Oakwood mall.

Five or ten years from now, Sonnier believes that the clothing line will become main stream. With influences from lines such as Roca Wear and Calvin Klein. Fatt Stax will be the next big thing you may see in your favorite store. 

Being an entrepreneur is hard work, facing the reality of funding discourages Sonnier, and at times he wants to quit. 

Juggling school, work, and a clothing line can be overwhelming but providing for his family and becoming successful subsides for the stress.