Soulful Fruit honors ‘Rev. Connie’

Grambling State University’s director of United Campus Ministry, Rev. Connie Breaux, celebrated 10 years as Campus Ministry’s director. Originally a New Orleans native, Rev. Connie  as she is known, relocated to the university to help students seek God.

During the weekend of festivities, Breaux was celebrated in many different ways. To kick off the weekend of celebration, a dinner was held last Friday at Trinity Church in Ruston. During the dinner at Trinity church, the reverend was praised by other spiritual leaders such as, Professor Douglas Thomas and past president of Campus Ministry, Minister Stavinoha Bradley, who is also a business major. 

The celebration did not stop there, as in continued on through its second day, last Saturday. The Concert began with “Madea” also known as the mother of Campus Ministry, reciting the poem, “I will do for you” by J. Weldon Jackson. 

Many Grambling State students were also in attendance.  Christian singing group Soulfruit and Ruston Baptist Church where amongst the attendees, there as guest performers for Grambling State University’s, Campus Ministry. 

Soulfruit had the crowd on their toes, dancing to the new sound of gospel music. When asked what inspired their unique sound, Soulfruit admitted that their sound originated from artist from Stevie Wonder to even Eddie Murphy. With renditions of old songs, with newer melodies, the gospel group stated, “We did not choose gospel music it chose us.” The group came together due to being related and jokingly said, “We are family so we can fight all the time”. With entertaining gospel music, and a crowd full of energy, the concert was a must see. 

The final day of celebration was held on Sunday in the Black and Gold room of Grambling State University’s campus. Stavinoha Bradley opened the night with uplifting words, while Student Government Association President, Jonathan Allen, hosted the night for Rev. Connie.  

Campus community worship Center performed and sung many melodies, engaging the crowd with their gospel music, to join. Speaker Bishop Brian Smith preached a message of encouragement to the audience as the night continued. Rev. Connie also took part in her own celebration by singing her favorite songs. 

The night ended with many gifts for the Breaux on her 10 years of celebration.