Service-Learning releases requirements


The Grambling State University Service-Learning Requirement:

• Students who enrolled in Grambling State University Fall 2008 and beyond are required to complete at least 160 hours of service-learning activities. Eighty (80) hours through “pure” service-learning activities and eighty (80) hours can be achieved through approved civic engagement activities or community service projects.

• Service-learning courses and projects should be approved by the Office of Service-Learning prior to the beginning of the activity. Fill out and return the appropriate release forms prior to beginning of the project. Forms are available in the Office of Service-Learning – Charles P. Adams Hall (Room 117); Extension 2547; email:

• Courses designated as service-learning courses: English 101 and 102; Mathematics 147 and 148; History 101 and 104; SOC 101; FYE 101 and 102; HON 110, and ED 111. Courses and projects must be approved each semester.

• In order to make sure that students have an opportunity to earn service-learning credit, departments should offer service-learning sources in addition to the courses listed above.

• The course syllabus should include a service-learning objective, with guidelines that indicate the application of skills and knowledge and a reflection exercise that is appropriate for the course.

• Academic advisors should make sure that students are aware of the number of service-learning hours needed in order to graduate and update them during advisement sessions.

Training Sessions:

• Training sessions are available upon request. At least 2 group workshops are offered each semester to provide current information about service-learning. Individual workshops are conducted as needed.

• Sessions include: How to write Service-Learning Objectives; Assessing Service-Learning; Record Keeping; The Reflection Process; and others.

• The Director of Service-Learning will work with individual faculty and staff to assist upon request.

Please note: Students will not receive service-learning credit if the classes, along with the syllabi are not approved.