Psychological Perspectives

As young adults entering a world where our level of education defines our social class and where our future is defined through our present actions and our foundation. Character should impact the greatness of your will to obtain an education as your determination and ambition to achieve greatness is your fuel. 

Before you begin to think of where you’ll be in the next five or 10 years, you should focus more on the happenings of today’s world and where you stand as of now. 

There are certain things that should be on your mind as you enter college and begin your journey into adulthood. Back up plans, internship ideas and plans after graduation should be some of your extreme concerns. 

These things are a must from my standpoint, but first and foremost your character defines everything. Being that we all came to college to better ourselves as individuals, we should come with an attitude as such. At Grambling State University, there are masses and elites. The masses are the many individuals around the community or campus that are here with no plans for the future or any ideas of the present. As the elites are the few with planned futures and live by the code of maintain wealth and power. In relation to GSU you’ll find many that don’t have a clue as to where they are headed and very few who are on the road to glory. These are just a few things I feel should be recognized and acted upon. As we all continue on our separate paths to where ever these roads may take us, I just want you all to remember that your education is your foundation and your foundation is your building point. 

Don’t get halfway through and decide to build a house when you haven’t accomplished a building point. Friendships seem to be a necessity as we learn and grow, but one thing to keep in mind is that friendships are limited, but education is not. 

So by any means, put your future education first and lifelong friendships will come. 


Percell Johnson is a senior psychology major from New Orleans.