Grambling alumnus Jackson makes acting debut in Fences

GSU alumnus and 2008- 2011 World Famed Tiger Marching Band announcer makes his acting debut in community theatre in his hometown of Shreveport, at the Shreveport Little Theatre

Jonathan D. Jackson, a 2011 graduate,  landed the role of Jim Bono in August Wilson’s Fences and co-starred Hollywood veteran actor Sy Richardson who played Troy Maxson

In the play, Jackson’s character is often referred to by his last name, Mr. Bono or Bono for short. Bono is a hardworking garbage man that looks forward to Friday’s paycheck. 

Every Friday he goes with his best friend, Troy over to the Maxson’s family home and the two relax by telling old stories and drinking beers in the backyard.      

The character Bono is much older than 25-year-old Jackson and to really get into character he had to do some research. 

“It stretched me to see the different avenues I could take towards personalizing an older male from how they walked, how they spoke and how they dressed in the 50s.” Jackson said. 

“I wanted my character to be realistic so I had to really sit back and observe older guys that didn’t have much to live for other than to see Friday’s check, making it home to their wives and a home cooked meal after long days toil.”

Jackson noted that he has learned a great deal from working with veteran actor Sy Richardson. 

“Mr. Richardson has taught me a lot about self character, given me clarity on how the industry works, and explained what to expect as a young actor aspiring to be a notable one in the box office and on stage,” he said. 

Jackson also explained that Richardson has given him plenty of advice like to never to undermine his gift and to continue perfecting his craft. 

Some advice that Richardson gave him was, “you have a gift and a future in what it is you want to do all you have to do now is just do it.” Jonathan Jackson explains that he intends to do just that. 

Jackson plans on furthering his education with film and theatrical studies until he obtains his masters and a doctoral degree in theatre arts. Jackson  also plans on doing more community theatre and working his way up to acting on Broadway and in films.

Fences was directed by Robert Alford, LSU Shreveport Associate Professor, and was presented by Shreveport Little Theatre and LSU – Shreveport Black Box Theatre. Eight total showings of Fences were performed.