Dre. Prince ready for the throne

After years of being a stepchild of east and west coast, Houston hip-hop is now receiving its due. The journey began with the breakthrough national success of the Geto Boys’ “Mind Playing Tricks on Me,” the first hit to show that Southerners could rap as well as anybody from New York from California. 

Since then, artist like UGK, DJ Screw, Lil Keke, Slim Thug, Paul Wall and Trae the Truth have paved the way for the new breed of H-town artist. 

Senior, Andre “Dre. Prince” Davis Jr., has slowly been on the rise and is ready to write his own story in Houston’s history books. Last week, he released his second mixtape entitled Blck Dreams.

“This is my second mixtape but this project is all original material this time. It feels amazing, I still get excited everytime I listen to it,”  Davis said. 

The business marketing major joins the new wave of hip-hop artist coming out of Grambling. Despite his school studies, Dre.Prince is ready to launch his rap career. Pop his mixtape in the tape deck and take a ride through the home of the purple drank.


Who’s your top 5 artist of all time?

Tupac, Kanye, Pimp C, Biggie, Nas.


What’s the meaning behind the mixtape title Blck Dreams?

My team is BLCK KNG. It’s more than just a brand or music with us, it’s a life style & we know we’re descendants of KNGs & Queens. BLCK Dreams come from everything I been through, everything I wanted, and dreamed of having. I have Dreams of saving the world. 


Chase-n-Cashe are pretty dope. There well known producers as well. Talk about how that collaboration came about?

Its all on who you know. Some beats I got from a few producers were given to me by a friend who knew them and believed in a young talented & starving artist. Few people I’ve met always stressed the fact of hard work. 


 What other big name producers or artist have you previously worked with?

None before BLCK Dreams. I’m currently networking & meeting new producers that like to listen to new artists and work with people who are not afraid to work. 


How is it balancing school and music?

It’s tough. Working on a real CD takes hard work and time. The way I look at it is, I major in what I major in at school but I’m also majoring in my music out of school. It’s no joke. 


Talk about your single A$$ parade.

(Laughs) A** Parade was me having fun & giving the people something to move to in the clubs. 


What label are you signed to?

I’m indie. I’d rather build my name myself as an artist instead of a label finding me & spoon feeding me into fame. 


What’s interesting is that Grambling artist like yourself, Fresh Linen and Astro Gang all have that backpack rap hipster feel to it. Can you pinpoint your sound?

I make music about things I been through everyday,.Things that excite me, things that hurt me & things I want to question people about. I make music about my life.

Who’s your influences?

Tupac because he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. He made all kinds of music from gangsta rap to bringing our people together. He didn’t limit himself. Another artist is Kanye West cause he spoke his mind and he did what people told him not to do. He’s mad talented. 


What new music can we look forward to hearing?

“BLCK Dreams” of course. I’m currently working on booking a tour with a few other artist on the rise. I plan to release  a single around March  or April of 2013 with a major recording artist. Stay tuned.


Houston music will never die, but talk about the new H-town movement.

If you’re from Texas you know about the traditional H-Town music & lifestyle. New cats like myself take what was talked about in the 90s by legends & reintroduce it in our own style. 


Tell the readers why they should listen to your music.

Everything is watered down nowadays. Not many people put hard work and effort into making their music/product listenable. If you like real hip-hop, you should listen. No gimmicks, just lyrics. 


At what point in your life did you realize you wanted to rap?

I’ve always been into music and I’ve always been rapping, but I never really put anything out until I felt I was ready. I had to go through things in life to actually have something to say. I’m not cocky nor arrogant but you just know when you are better and work harder than most people. “Self confidence does not equal arrogance,” Kanye’s Mom said that. Every song comes from a real life moment & emotion.