College of education honors students

The Department of Education held a reception on Thursday, Aug. 23 to officially welcome students who have successfully met the requirements to be accepted into the College of Education at Grambling State University.

According to Rhunda Williams, a First Year Experience tutor with the department, “Some of the qualification that would be needed is Math 147 & 148, English 101 & 102 and ED 111 and 112”.  Williams said that these students are now required to proceed into the core courses for the College of Education.  Students who have successfully passed the core courses can then apply for admission into a degree program within the College of Education such as Curriculum Instruction or Music Education.  

The official acceptance reception is not a new event.  “This is the first time in a very long time and we are hoping to achieve a sense of unity and ensure that our students feel a part of our College (of Education),” said Williams.  She also  indicated that the informal and interactive event serves as a networking opportunity for both students and professors, which will better facilitate their studies while at the university.

Among the 31 students who were officially recognized for completing their basic requirements, 10 completed their prerequisites within one year and were specially recognized for outstanding and dedicated work.  

Audianna Gunn from Ruston, became attracted to the teaching field when she worked with elementary children during her senior year in high school.  It was at that point that she decided to enter into a teaching career.

According to Gunn her method of success was simple.

“I make sure that my work is done and Williams was always available to provide guidance,” said Gunn. “You are going to have fun but make sure you stay on top of your work.”

Another Louisiana native, Schyler Anderson, said she is forever grateful to the number of persons who assisted her including Williams and Dr. Foster.  

“I would like to continue with good grades and get more involved in education.  I will continue to study hard and stay on course,” said Anderson.  

GSU College of Education is one of the oldest departments and was accredited in 1964. The COE seeks to produce graduates who are competent and compassionate professionals. The college has three departments: Curriculum and Instruction; Kinesiology, Sport, and Leisure Studies; and Educational Leadership. All three have graduate and undergraduate degree programs and are intensely engaged in innovative projects designed to expand the knowledge base in the field of education.