Week of activities kick of school year

Fee sheets and financial aid, alternate pins and advisors… Yep, you guessed it- registration. 

The registration process began Monday, August 13, in the Frederick C. Hobdy Assembly Center. With doors opening at 8 am, students stood in line with an attempt to be seen first and handle their affairs. 

Unfortunately for many, things didn’t go as planned. Sophomore Markeisha Joyner, an education major from Denton, Texas credits financial aid for her being unable to register. “They have been giving me the runaround, claiming that they lost my paperwork that I already turned into them the previous (Spring) semester.” 

Instead of students having to migrate from one building or department to the next to receive assistance or fill out administrative paperwork. They were able to visit each station in the assembly center. 

The academic advisor station has proven to be a much favored form of of assistance during the registration process, because it gives students the opportunity to receive not only their alternate pin from their advisor, but to also attain scholastic advice.

Patricia Hutcherson, University Registrar, said that the registration process being centralized is more effective and less stressful. Hutcherson advises all students to take advantage of the opportunity to register early to eliminate anything that will hinder one from registering for the upcoming semester. 

Throughout the week students were able to benefit from receiving assistance from student leaders, faculty members and administration in more places than one. Student Success Sessions, that were held throughout the week, were conducted throughout the campus and aided new and returning students. 

Seminars that were offered to the students included College Survival 101, Financial Literacy, Healthy Choices, and Study Skills. Academic department tours as well as a walking tour of the campus were administered to the students, in addition to the tour of the Eddie Robinson Musuem

That evening, the student body was invited to attend the Candlelight and Pinning Ceremony (also known as Tiger Round-Up). The event, which was introduced to the students two years ago by university President Dr. Frank Pogue, gives students the opportunity to experience a oneness with the Grambling culture and embrace campus unity among another. 

Before the ceremony began, students were given a candle and Grambling pin, but were told not to use either one of them until instructed to do so. After Dr. Pogue spoke of the importance of the candle, which was to “embrace the four student obligations to the university: respect for themselves and others, pursuing academic and personal excellence, completing academic requirements, and establishing a humane justice community”, all candles were then lit and extinguished. 

Dr. Pogue then added that although physically the fire has been put out, aesthetically the torch and the symbolism it embodies will still remain. 

Ronsheka Harmon, an incoming freshman, majoring in Sociology from Lafayette, said “it felt great to be welcomed to the university in a more thorough fashion than someone just telling me ‘Welcome to Grambling’, and I’m looking forward to the athletic events.” 

On Wednesday afternoon, the Favrot Student Union Board held an Experience College Life skit in the T.H. Harris Auditorium. Members from FSUB acted out a variety of scenarios and highlighted the importance of doing the right thing as opposed to what one would feel like doing.